Learning Mindfulness

Our Unique Approach

mindful heads in ornate circular blue border

In recent years we have all become increasingly aware we should care for our mental health just as we care about our physical fitness.

And research has confirmed that mindfulness has therapeutic benefits in a wide variety of situations from serious illness to everyday stress.

However, mindfulness doesn’t always come easily. It is fundamentally at odds with our busy lives. But like so many things which are worthwhile, practice makes perfect. Practising mindfulness regularly can help it become embedded in your way of thinking. It becomes part of your life, almost automatic and available whenever you need it without a lot of mental preparation.

We believe our unique approach will help you along that special path.

Beautiful Images and Beyond

trio of images

Each Magnolia Joe’s design is a beautiful image you can enjoy in its own right or use to discover mindful relaxation. Some are simply for contemplation, some offer a simple challenge to distract you from the noise of everday concerns to a more mindful calm. Each is specially-designed to intrigue and surprise and so help you focus and enjoy.

As your focus grows, you notice more and so your instinctive curiosity encourages your mindfulness. And by focussing on the requirements of the present moment, you will also enjoy the peace and relaxation it brings.

Thus, as you go back to the image and notice more and more, you are training your brain to look beyond first impressions and take time to notice more detail.

Once you have practised this mindful attention, it’s much quicker and easier to be mindful in the real world. You only have to remember to pause for a moment and you will notice things you would normally miss and see things differently.

Seeing the everyday with a different eye is like taking a moment's holiday. Magnolia Joe’s mindfulness activities are the journey to that wonderful destination.

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