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Like so many people these days, I've suffered from inappropriate levels of stress and anxiety on and off for most of my life and know the issues with mental wellbeing that can cause.

And sometimes anxiety decays into a darker place and the black dog of depression starts its insistent barking. I admit I've been there too. It can take a long time to get out again.

So this time I decided to try to find an alternative solution.

Many people are turning to mindfulness and other relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to try to recover their balance. But for some of us that quiet contemplation doesn't come easily.

Some Minds are Too Noisy

For some of us, mindfulness is elusive and traditional relaxation techniques don't always help. Our minds are too busy, too noisy, too distracted.

In fact, anxiety and stress can sometimes make anyone's mind too noisy. What's more, traditional relaxation activities aren't always possible at the moment when most needed.

So I created Magnolia Joe's, a mind cafe serving practical activities to interrupt stress before it takes hold and to help you get things in perspective.

It is also designed to encourage a more mindful attitude which means you can notice more of those moments which lift your spirits and enjoy them more thoroughly.

Combining my love of art, philosophy and puzzle games produced the activities you find on the site now. By focussing on practical activities I hope they will help distract even the noisiest minds in the most stressful situations.

In Perspective

Of course, I don't claim these activities solve life's problems, cure anxiety or make you instantly mindful; but I hope they'll go some way to help.

I hope they'll engage your attention long enough to get things back in perspective. I also hope that in time you'll find mindful relaxation has become a natural, instinctive skill. It will improve your outlook on life as it has mine. It should help you capture more of life's happiness more thoroughly and keep those mental snapshots to support your mental wellbeing in darker days.

Wishing you well, whatever life brings.

Magnolia Joe,
May 2022