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Effective Date: April 2019 - Latest Revision: May 2019

Use of the and associated websites and the exercises and materials provided on it is subject to the following terms. By browsing the site you implicitly agree to these terms.

These terms may be changed at any time at the discretion of Magnolia Joe's without notice and it is your responsibility to check these terms from time to time to ensure they are still acceptable. Continuing use of this website after any changes have been made shall be deemed to agree to the modified terms.


All content used on this site and in related promotional materials, newsletters, or social media posts is the proprietary intellectual property of Harrison Paul Ltd trading as Magnolia Joe's, and subject to trademark and copyright protection. All such rights being expressly reserved herewith. No content may be reproduced or redistributed whether online or offline except as follows:

Users are not permitted to develop derivative or substantially similar works based on our copyright materials. We spent a long time creating these works please don't just steal them.

Commercial Product Licence Terms

When purchasing products from this site or via our product partners, customers are NOT purchasing the copyright or a licence to reproduce the material. No content from this site may be reproduced whether for profit or not, except as indicated under the Royalty-Free and Public Domain terms below.

Royalty-Free Resources

Where images provided on this site are explicitly labelled as Royalty-Free [RFR] they can be downloaded and used as required in personal or educational projects without payment of additional royalty subject to the following proviso - these resources remain copyright and cannot be reused for commercial products, especially those likely to compete with Magnolia Joe's products and services. For commercial licence enquiries please contact us.

Not For Redistribution

The royalty-free resources [RFR] may not be redistributed in part or in whole as standalone files or for commercial purposes. Anyone wishing to make the RFR available to others may do so ONLY by providing a link to the files on this site and not by redistributing the files themselves except by prior written permission from Magnolia Joe's.

Such a link to the resources may not be presented in such a way to appear to be the work of any other person or organization.

Furthermore the copyright ownership of Magnolia Joe's must be clearly acknowledged with the notice...

© Magnolia Joes 2019

displayed clearly in close proximity to the download link. No charge can be made for the RFR, or for providing them.

Public Domain Resources

Where resources are provided on this site are explicitly labelled as Public Domain or CC0 they have been placed in the public domain by Magnolia Joe's or others under the Creative Commons CC0 licence (click for details) and may be re-used and redistributed freely.

General Terms of Business

These are the broad terms for doing business with Magnolia Joe's. Custom commissions may have additional terms applied.


Where we offer products for purchase online and we supply these products directly, we undertake to fulfil all orders within 21 days or we will advise you by email if for some reason this cannot be achieved. You may return any item within 14 days for a full refund assuming the item is undamaged and in a resaleable condition. Any loss or damage in the post must reported to us within 48 hours and be aware that delivery services may require photos of packaging. None of these terms effect your rights under current consumer rights law.

Where our products are made available via partners such as RedBubble and Zazzle please check their terms and conditions carefully before purchasing as we have no control over their operations.

Third Party Sites

Where this website includes links to third party websites we do so without warranty or liability as we have no control over the content of those websites and do not undertake to check those sites are still operating or fulfilling the role we originally highlighted them for. However, please let us know if you find any links which are dead or lead to unsatisfactory websites so we may remove them.

Third Party Affiliate Programs

Where we offer links to third party products or services we may do so via affiliate programs on third party sites (e.g: Amazon and MyFonts) and we receive a small commission for any of these products/services you buy. Please check the terms and conditions of the provider site before placing your order.

Commissioning Original Work

We accept commissions for personal or corporate art. The price and scope and deadline for custom illustration will be quoted in advance and 30% of the fee will be payable in advance by way of a non-refundable deposit. Such material is supplied under our exclusive licence.

Title and Copyright

Copyright for all custom materials remains with Magnolia Joe's except by prior written arrangement. Licence to use custom designs is limited to (a) unlimited right to display work in websites, videos or presentations, (b) right to reproduce the work for the specific purpose commissioned. It does not include the right to (a) distribute as a standalone image (b) reproduce in contexts not specified in the original scope (except by written consent and may be subject to additional charge). Licence to these works does not transfer until all related invoices have been paid in full. Where a credit period has been advised in the terms section of the invoice, temporary title and/or licence can be assumed until the end of that credit period only.


Magnolia Joe's hereby asserts that it is the legal copyright owner or licencee of any and all images, software and other material on this website and is legally entitled to offer these items for sale or as free downloads.

We make every effort to ensure the material here is accurate and up to date and free from errors or omissions but this site is provided on an AS IS basis without further warranty or assertion of any kind and your use of it is entirely at your own discretion and risk.

Whilst Magnolia Joe's makes every effort to ensure the materials provided here are virus free, we strongly recommend that you run a virus check over the files before running them. You use these resources at your own risk and in no event will Magnolia Joe's accept liability or be held responsible for any loss howsoever caused including but not limited to damages, disruption and loss of business and or data loss as a result of using them.

Company Details

Magnolia Joe's is a trading name and service mark of Harrison Paul Ltd a company registered in England reg no: 10085587.

You may contact Magnolia Joe's for clarification of any of the above points or to arrange software redistribution or bundling with your products.

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