Art for Mindful Attention

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Enjoy these intriguing images and train your mindfulness every day.

As you look more closely and see more detail, mindful attention becomes an everyday skill and helps you notice the moment at a moment's notice.

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Not Just Relaxation

Mindfulness is often presented as a relaxation exercise or meditation. There's obviously great value in that but there's more.

An important benefit of mindfulness is being in the moment, taking proper notice of all the details. You can never be sure when that might be important. When I think back to times as my children were growing up, there are moments I would like to remember more clearly. Moments when I wish I had been more mindful. Our exercises train you to look more carefully and notice detail so mindfulness becomes an everyday skill.

Our approach helps you notice the moment at a moment's notice.

Improved Wellbeing

This mindful attention can also interrupt stress and improve your mental wellbeing by providing a scrapbook of wonderful moments to look back on at any time.

Style with Substance

Each image in the Art for Mindfulness range is a striking and interesting picture you can simply enjoy. The images also have a level of detail which rewards repeat and mindful consideration. As you go back to the image and notice more and more, you are training your brain to look beyond first impressions and take time to notice more detail.

Once you have practised this mindful consideration, I believe it's quicker and easier for minful attention to be ready in the bustle of everyday life. You only have to remember to pause for a moment and you will notice things you would normally miss and see things differently.

Commission Your Own

We can also provide custom variations on existing images or commissions for original designs to match your decor, theme or business logo.

You can get in touch to discuss special commissions, trade discount or multiple orders.

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