Give Your Busy Mind a Break

Interrupt Stress — Improve Your Mood


Style with Substance

Magnolia Joe's unique and striking artwork is specially-designed to look great but also to intrigue, engage and capture your attention to give your busy mind a moment's break.

Taking time out to look instead of think helps your mental wellbeing, with all the practical benefits that brings.

In addition, I believe that switching your attention to a distracting non-verbal activity gives your conscious mind a few moments to reset and reconfigure which helps improve decision-making too.

Or failing that, you can just enjoy a fascinating artwork in which layers of content and subtle surprises reward repeat viewings.

Brighten and improve your surroundings with these beautiful distractions from everyday stress at home or work.

The current range is available as high-quality canvas and art prints via our RedBubble shop. Which will be your new favourite...

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Or play online for free with our Interactive versions.

Original Commissions

We can also provide custom variations on existing images or commissions for original designs to match your decor, theme or corporate logo.

Order Direct

Please contact us to discuss special commissions, trade discount or multiple orders.

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